California Volcanoes


††††††††††† In the same breath with earthquakes are volcanoes. How threatening are California volcanoes? Where are they located? When will they erupt next?

††††††††††† A list of California volcanic areas is found at Cascade Volcanic Observatory


††††††††††† Read about future hazards at Table of California earthquake history and future eruption predictions

Look for explanations of the terms on these pages:

U.S.G.S. ,

About Volcanoes



Find the terms listed in the table in the volcanic terms glossary and photo glossary:


Assignment: Using the information on these pages, create a brochure guide for visitors for one of Californiaís volcanic areas. Use online photos to illustrate it. Include features that visitorís should see, ageologic history of the area, and an explanation of the dangers that an eruption might cause.

You will find an online guide to California geological field trips that may be helpful in identifying features of interest. Write your own guide; donít copy one from the web!